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Guaranteed basic income to every citizen, whether or not they are employed to ensure their survival and that they live in a dignified, humane way, preventing poverty, illness, homelessness, reducing crime, encouraging higher education and learning vocations as well as helping society become more prosperous as a whole. 

Wow. Forget raising the minimum wage. This is much much better idea.

The minimum wage could actually drop if we had basic income.

But Americans would never go for it. Miserably slogging through 12 hour days and having businesses open 24/7 is too engrained in our culture.

"BUT WHERE WILL THE GOVERNMENT GET THE MONEY?" screamed Joe Schmoe, slamming a meaty fist onto the table and getting mouth-froth all over the front of his greying tank top. "You libt*rds all think money grows on TREES!! HAHA!"

"But where will people get the incentive to work?!" Mindy Bindy cried, flapping her hands in front of her face. She’d had a fear of the unemployed lollygagging about ever since she was a child and her mother told her to be afraid of the unemployed lollygagging about. "You think people should get paid for nothing? I work hard for my money!”

"But who will serve me?" grumbled Marty McMoneybags. "Who will make me feel important? Who will do my laundry and cook my food and stand in front of me wearing a plastic smile while I take out all my stress—because I do have a lot of stress, you know, being this rich is stressful—on them?” He paused and straightened out the piles of hundred dollar bills on the desk in front of him, then raised his two watery, outraged eyes up to the Heavens. “Lord, if there are no poor people, how will I know that I’m rich??”

I laughed. This is perfect! Well said!

The thing is, while I’m sure you could scrape up a few people who’d be willing to just float by on a guaranteed minimum income? For most people the choice to work would be a no-brainer. “Hmmm. I can get by on 33k a year, or I can take that part time job and make 48k… enough to move to a better apartment, maybe take the family on vacation. Sold.” Hell, most people would want to work simply because it gives one a sense of dignity and something to do with one’s time. (Speaking as someone who’s been unemployed, on extended sick leave, etc. in her time, the boredom and sense of isolation that comes with not having a job is almost as bad as the humiliation of having to depend on other people for one’s survival.)

And with this system, part-time jobs and “non-skilled” jobs would be much more readily available because nobody would need to work two or three jobs just to stay afloat!

Which would ALSO mean that employers and customers couldn’t shamelessly exploit employees the way they can today, because if losing a job weren’t necessarily a financial disaster, more people would be willing to walk out on jobs where they weren’t being treated with dignity.

And if this also applies to students (and it should) then student loans would become much less of a problem, and fewer people would flunk out of school because of having to juggle studies and work.

Far fewer people would be forced to stay with abusive partners, parents or roommates because they couldn’t afford to move out.

And the thing is, all those people who suddenly had money? They’d be spending it. They’d be getting all the stuff they can’t afford now - new clothes, books, toys, locally-produced food, car repairs - and with each purchase money would flow BACK to the government, because VAT, also income tax.

The unemployed and/or disabled wouldn’t need special support any more - which would also mean the government could fire however many admins who are currently engaged in humiliating - *cough* making sure those people aren’t getting money they don’t deserve. Same for medical benefits and pensions. And I’m no legal scholar, but I somehow imagine less financial desperation would lead to less petty crime, and hence less need for police and security everywhere?

TL;DR Doomie thinks this is a good idea, laughs at those who protest.

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They tried something like this out in Canada as a sort of social experiment, called Mincome. What they found was that, on the whole, people continued to work about as much as they did before. Only new mothers and teenagers worked substantially less hours. 

But wait, there’s more. Because parents were spending just a little more time at home and involved with their families, test scores increased. Because teens didn’t have to work to support their families, drop-out rates decreased. Crime rates, hospital visits, psychiatric hospitalizations and domestic abuse rates all dropped, as well. More adults pursued higher education. Those who continued to work reported more job flexibility and more opportunity to choose employment they preferred.

Basically, now you can go prove to your asshole family members that society won’t collapse without poor people for you to feel better than.

The picture is awesome, but read the commentary, that’s what I’m reblogging for.

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How we fight tall people

Vine by Rudy Mancuso

I can’t stop watching it its like poetry

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is there a link to this video?

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Ed Sheeran removes all the swear words from his new album ‘X’ beacause of a taxi driver’s daughter 


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Will Smith recognized the cameraman!

will smith is a national treasure



Will Smith recognized the cameraman!

will smith is a national treasure

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Realistic Historical Sword Fighting

Shoutout to the fuckwits who think longswords were all about random hacking and slashing.

1: yup. Here’s a toast to the douchebags. lol

2: Those are hand and a half broads, not longswords.

3: The trust… damn. Full tilt sparring like that with live steel is terrifying enough without the weapons being fucking broadswords. Well played.

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unexpected pregnancy is actually so weird like you can accidentally make a person 



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I smell trouble brewing

#what kind of weird religious/sci fi novel are we living in #is this Evangelion

so its official we can say Men In Black is not just a movie. Or any other alien movie is not just a movie. That aliens are real and have been visiting and interacting with us. Cool

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Do you think every president goes through a awkward first few weeks in office when they’re not sure when’s the right time to ask if aliens are real or not?

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This is fucking better water bending than the entire last air bender movie

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[echoes of eleven blowing up cybermen to get information in the distance]

People who don’t love Nine are the dumbest.

People think that Nine is dark sullen and a killer. They’re wrong. Nine’s not dark. He’s light and happy and in love. He wears a leather jacket and is the closest Doctor to the Time War, but he is not dark. He is a light person who is fighting his dark past. He knows what he’s done and is fighting to right his wrongs. He just wants everyone to live.

Eleven on the other hand is the exact opposite. People think he’s a puppy in a fez. They’re wrong. He is not happy and joyful. He’s careless. He is having adventures while ruining lives and killing people. He is the man who forgets. He has forgotten the pain he felt after what he did and now is so comfortable killing.

He doesn’t remember Nine. Nine, the Doctor with depression. Nine, the Doctor who fell in love with an nineteen year old shop girl who didn’t need a magic back story to be special. Nine, the Doctor who went and saved his friends without killing. Nine, the Doctor who chose to lose instead of causing loss.

Nine chooses to give up being a god. Eleven pretends he is a god. Nine would make a merciful god. Eleven acts like a vengeful god. Nine is a puppy in a leather jacket. Eleven is a a killer in a fez.

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ok, I don’t often, fuck, I barely ever do this. 
But I’m drunk enough to knock any lesser man out for 10 so…

sometimes, I want to just feel what its like, to be truly happy, not at peace as I’ve been practicing (increasingly futilely). and I have everything I could need for it, I have the best girlfriend I could of asked for. pretty, beautiful, smart, caring, the list goes on for various cliches and compliments.
I have friends that could help me if I fucking let them. balls, If I told them.
I have talents, outlets, however limited in scope, to express myself.

and yet I still end up here,

Drunk, at half past midnight, starring at a knife, and wondering just how it would feel buried in my throat.

wondering if death ends feeling, or if theres just torment, or bliss.

fuck, I just want to let my self go, but I cant hurt people, every single time. I don’t want people to mourn me. I will die, when there’s no one who gives a damn, when no one knows, I will disperear , and I’ll l just be a name that touched too many few lives.

and the world will be better, because it wont have me in it to make it worse,

I’m sorry to those who read this, I’m not really going anywhere soon, too many assholes who still think I’m worth something